Conscious Kids are excited to announce

CK After school Programmes

100% Free Play and Nature based Programmes


The weekly dose of “Vitamin N” for your children

Term 1 - 2018 / 7th February - 12th April
3:30pm – 5:30pm for children aged 5 yrs – 12 yrs
Fort Takapuna @ Devonport - Wednesdays
Waiake Beach @ Torbay - Thursdays

Term 1 - $180 per 10 sessions / per child

To ensure our children get the best of our free play spaces and enjoy the Conscious Kids way of play, we require at least 10 children to attend, so please invite yours friends for 2 hours of pure fun!

Our CK After School Programmes are based on our hugely successful Nature School Holiday Programme. After a day at school, children have the opportunity to play freely in nature, extending on their learning and developing new skills and new friendships. All the same activities as the school holiday programme, in a smaller weekly dose!

Our programmes are designed as an antidote to the fast paced technology filled world our children now inhabit. A chance to unwind and play as their parents did, climbing trees, building huts, exploring and of course playing bullrush! The foundation of our programs is free play in a natural setting with as little assistance as possible from equipment and technology. We offer a chance for children to play as they like, for as long as they like, within a framework of respect for those around them and the environment. Extension opportunities will be available but only if the children genuinely want to participate. We provide basic equipment suitable to exploring the outdoors: ropes, tarpaulins, bungees, compass, magnifying glasses, knives (to be used with supervision) and some art equipment.


The program will go ahead in all weather. Rain brings exciting opportunities for play and exploration and of course shelter building! Good quality wet weather gear is very important. We wholeheartedly believe the famous quote “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. Waterproof gear (jacket and pants) is compulsory for rainy days. Please visit our online store for great waterproof pants.

Parent Helpers - A unique part of the Conscious Kids Programme philosophy is that passionate parents make the very best supervisors. They have a vested interest in making sure the day is amazing for the children and they have the most experience caring for and managing children. If you are enthusiastic and positive about being in the outdoors in all weather conditions and genuinely enjoy being around children supporting independent play, then this could be the role for you. Please email for more information.



CK WALKING BUS - Colllection from school service

Our After School Programmes offer a unique collection service from the nearest school. Our parent helper and /or programme assistant will collect the children from school and walk them to our programme base. The supervisor will be set up and waiting ready for the programme.

Please ensure you DOWNLOAD, FILL IN, SIGN and SEND BACK TO US the CK WALKING BUS permission form to allow your child to be collected by our helper and /or programme assistant. Once your child has been signed up for our CK WALKING BUS , parents will be informed where their child is to wait and be collected.

If the form is not completed we can not accepted your child on the CK WALKING BUS and parents will be required to sign in their child to the programme.