Play-Based learning experiences for primary and intermediate schools

We are proud to have delivered programmes for thousands of children across Auckland including Torbay School, Vauxhall School, Windy Ridge School, Mt. Albert Primary, Target Road School, Baverstock Primary, St Joseph’s School, AGE School, and Bayswater Primary.

Ma te rongo ka mohio / Through perception comes awareness 
Ma te mohio ka marama / Through awareness comes understanding
Ma te marama ka matau / Through understanding comes knowledge

Ma te matau ka ora / Through knowledge comes well being

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Outdoor Classroom Day 

Looking for a new type of camp experience that matches your play-based philosophy?
An EOTC experience that connects children with the natural spaces right outside their door? We’ll come to you!


A full or half-day of hands-on learning in nature, either on your school grounds or at a local reserve.  Activities may include shelter construction, fire starting and cooking, whittling, harakeke harvest and weaving, art activities, group games, and ecology exploration, depending on the environmental conditions and interests of the children.  

What teachers are saying about Outdoor Classroom Days:


"The staff were awesome. It was great to see the kids really engaged - and the marshmallows went down a treat!"


"Thank you! We had a fabulous time and were amazed by the depth of learning evident."


"Everything seemed very well thought through, from the resources available to the logistics of managing children in an outdoor, and unpredictable environment."


"It was great to extend our Learning Through Play programme in an outdoor environment... excellent development of problem-solving skills and resilience!"

Available as a one-off or series of sessions 

  •  $20 - $40 per child plus GST

Prices vary based on number of sessions, site conditions, and activities offered

Minimum charge 30 children

School to provide supervision at a ratio of 1:8

School is responsible for transport if the site is off school grounds

Price includes a FREE site visit and a follow-up consultation 

Conscious Kids to provide an Educator to lead the session and additional supporting staff as required

Tinkering Kids

A unique loose parts play experience!  Tinkering is another word for good old-fashioned ‘mucking around’ with tools to construct and deconstruct with a variety of waste items otherwise destined for landfill.  With an emphasis on experimentation and learning from failures, children explore STEAM concepts, learning about sustainability along the way. 1 ½ hour sessions available at the Devonport Recycling Centre or on-site at your school.   

What teachers are saying about Tinkering Kids:

"The learning for us all in a programme that re-uses 'waste' is an eye-opener. Combining play with the awareness of resource scarcity is fab."

"The children had the opportunity to be creative, re-use 'junk' to create technology. They loved it!"

"With all the 'new' resources the children have another setting to discover, think, experiment and work with others in their play. The novelty and change are exciting and motivating for them."

  • Price: $20 per child plus GST

Price based on 3 sessions with 30 children each

School to provide supervision at a ratio of 1:10

Conscious Kids to provide an Educator to lead the session and 2 assistants


Full-day sessions also available, please enquire for a quote

Junky Monkeys

A fantastic way to kick-start your school’s use of loose parts for learning.  We will visit your school with a plentiful amount of materials and lead a 1 ½ hr session of up to 100 children (max 3 sessions per day) which sets up expectations around appropriate usage and highlights the links to the NZ curriculum, in particular, the learning areas of science, maths and technology.

What teachers are saying about Junky Monkeys:

“We have had such lovely feedback from the Junky Monkey day from both the students and particularly from the parents who helped on the day. It was great thanks.”


“We really loved the programme. All of the children were engaged and had a wonderful time. It became very apparent to us as teachers how important play is. I loved the opportunity it gave me as a teacher to support those children who struggle socially.”


“A fabulous session that the students thoroughly enjoyed. Very well led and facilitated- wish we had it permanently in the playground.”


“Thank you so much for yesterday. It was just wonderful to see the children so engaged, following all our values and persevering to problem solve and extend their ideas. Your discussion afterwards was fantastic too. You helped the children to make some amazing connections to the great learning that was happening. It was so inspiring.”

  • 3 sessions: $10.50 per child plus GST

  • 2 sessions: $12.50 per child plus GST

Minimum charge 80 children

Price includes a FREE site visit and a follow-up consultation 

School to provide supervision at a ratio of 1:8

Conscious Kids to provide an Educator to lead the session and 2 assistants

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