Conscious Kids Youth Advisors


Greetings from the CKYA 2019


This team of teen helpers, past and present, has been recruited across our Auckland based locations to help formalize the training and expand the teen experience with CK!

So far we have:
      1. created a youth advisory board consisting of 8 members aged 12-20

      2. set out an ambitious agenda for the year including:

                  a. defining the role of teens in conscious kids
                  b. designing a training specific for teen helpers
                  c. designing a CK program for teens
                  d. defining the CKYA role in sharing the Outdoor Revolution

      3. we have had one focus group and one co-design session. Outcomes of these include:
                  a. a baseline definition for CKTeens




                  b. teen-specific training agenda to be implemented in Oct and hosted by CKYA
                  c. CKYA identified two projects they would like to take on to help with training and spreading the Outdoor Revolution:
                  - Policies and Procedures training video
                  - Teen recruitment (for CKHP volunteer positions)




Some key take aways:


Teens like free pizza and candy (ha!)
Using multimedia platforms for communicating important stuff is key
                - this is why a policy video was suggested by CKYA

Teens are the best suited to talk to teens:

                - scheduling and leading meetings should be done by CKYA, not boring adults
                - CKYA suggest teen recruitment would also be more effective if lead by teens

Each teen comes to CK with different priorities, clarifying these through a profile to be shared with site supervisors will help teens and staff with expectations on session

Teen helpers are role models for the group. They support kids having fun through play. 

- for some CKYA, feeling a sense of responsibility was an important element in their desire to volunteer.          Empowering teens is important for these CKYAs and they provided some great suggestions about key responsibilities  that are good for teens including walkie talkie maintenance and inventorying gear/art supplies

Next up:


On the agenda for our September meeting:

            - create Profiles for each CKYA
            - clarify Youth Advisor roles for October CKHP teen training
            - provide materials and finalize CKYA teen recruitment plan/map
            - outline Policies and Procedures video

                    what P&Ps need to be included?
                    create a list of props/tools required
                    schedule first “shoot” 
            - teen program brainstorm session


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