Conscious Kids are excited to announce

Welcome to Onepoto Domain
A 100% Nature Based School Holiday Programme

Conscious Kids Extra Day
Friday, 23rd Dec 2016

Extremely conveniently located, just off the bottom of Onewa Road, nearest
the motorway on-ramp  - Onepoto Park, 24 Tarahanga Street - Northcote


9am – 4pm for children aged 5 yrs – 12 yrs
$50/day per child

Onepoto Domain is a park to be played in! Tucked away at the bottom of Onewa Rd the park boasts an awesome little duck pond, playgrounds for kids young and old and some cycling tracks made especially for the little ones. It also has an abundance of interesting and challenging play spaces, wide open spaces for big group games like bullrush and soccer, clusters of trees for huts and climbing, wide paths for scooting or biking, and a lake for potential small boat building and racing.

The good news for those of us not currently living on the Shore is that Onepoto is just off the Onewa exit, making it super easy to get to. It's about 100 metres from the Onewa Rd motorway exit so only about 7 minutes drive from the city. The pick up and drop off point will be close to the Onepoto Community Hall. There are different entrances to get there. Use the one suits you best. Click here to get the directions.

Our programs are designed as an antidote to the fast paced technology filled world our children now inhabit.
A chance to unwind and play as their parents did, climbing trees, building huts, exploring and of course playing bullrush! Children may attend one day or the whole week. The days will be filled exploring the stunning Onepoto Park, and all the wonders it has to offer.


The foundation of our programs is free play in a natural setting with as little assistance as possible from equipment and technology. We will provide basic equipment suitable to exploring the outdoors: ropes, tarpaulins, bungees, compass, magnifying glasses, knives (to be used with supervision) and some art equipment. Any personal devices (phones, ipods etc) must be preferably left at home or in bags.


Our children’s lives are so filled with structure, this program aims to gives them a break from instruction and allow them to play as they like, for as long as they like, within a framework of respect for those around them and the environment. Extension opportunities will be available but only if the children genuinely want to participate. Playing in the outdoors inevitably means getting dirty, and often getting a few scrapes and bruises too. If you or your child are not happy with this concept then this is not the program for you.


The program will go ahead in all weather. Rain brings exciting opportunities for play and exploration and of course shelter building! Good quality wet weather gear is very important. We wholeheartedly believe the famous quote “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. Waterproof gear (jacket and pants) is compulosory for rainy days. Please visit our collaborator website THERM# and check out the most amazing outdoor gear for awesome and active kids!

Onepoto is an amazing park for scooting and biking so we encourage children to bring scooters or bikes and time will be made for racing around the trails.


Parent Helpers - A unique part of the Conscious Kids Holiday Programme philosophy is that passionate parents make the very best supervisors. They have a vested interest in making sure the day is amazing for the children and they have the most experience caring for and managing children. If you are enthusiastic and positive about being in the outdoors in all weather conditions and genuinely enjoy being actively involved in childrens' play then this could be the role for you. Please click here for more information.