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CK Outdoor Revolution - Kids' Safety Vest

Oh yeah! Our personalized safety vests have arrived : )

Get yours and show everyone that you are part of the CK Outdoor Revolution!


The velcro vests are really easy for the kids to put on and off.


Chest Size:
Small – 35cm
Medium – 40cm
Large – 47cm


What vest will fit my child?
That is a great question but the answer is not so clear cut because our kids differ so much in size even at the same age… so this is a rough guide.


Child Small: Kindergarten – Year 1 

Child Medium: Year 1 – Year 3 

Child Large: Year 4 - 6


The good thing about our vests is that they have been designed to fit children even if it isn’t the exact size. My 7-year-old girl could still wear the child small but it does look a little funny and when my boy was 6 years old he could wear the large even though it was baggy. I would suggest, if in doubt go larger…..


CK Outdoor Revolution - Kids' Safety Vest

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