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Grow Me Well reveals all you ever wanted to know - and more - about the inner workings of your body.

Designed to appeal to teenagers, Grow Me Well actually makes the whole idea of nutrition and body science interesting to all age groups.


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Well-researched, Grow Me Well is aimed at helping turn the tide on childhood obesity and diabetes by showing the reader how to avoid foods that cause disease.

The unique design of this book encourages young readers to make healthy food choices by getting across the message that there is a link between disease and junk food.

Following on from the sell-out success of their book Feed Me Right, mother and daughter team Dee and Tamarin Pignéguy now bring you Grow Me Well, which takes you further on your journey towards understanding the link between healthy food and a healthy body.


Grow Me Well is for:

  • Curious young minds.

  • Students of all ages studying anatomy, physiology and nutritional science.

  • Supporting parents to get the healthy food message across to their children.

  • Helping parents and grandparents raise healthy children.

  • For parents who may find the subject of healthy food hard to communicate.

  • Teachers to use as an educational tool for students.

  • Health professionals of all modalities to help educate their clients.



"Grow Me Well negotiates the simple relationships between eating well and attaining superb health in a fun and easily readable format. As a nutrition educator, it is reassuring to see a sound foundation in nutrition science underpinning this story. New Zealand-authored nutrition books of this genre are rare, I would go so far as to say this is the best book to support New Zealand nutrition education that I have seen. " - Wendy Slatter DHSC, M ED (HONS)


"Grow Me Well is a must have for all Kiwi households with growing children"  - Sue Kedgley


"A great book and teaching resource. Superb!! It's like the whole first year of a nutritional therapy degree simplified for kids. So useful personally- and a great teaching tool too. Thanks so much!"  - Robyn Phillips, UK teacher


"This book is incredible and needs to be in the hands of parents everywhere!" - Allison Roe


 "What a great book you have written and a great resource! I have used Grow Me Well already today on a 12 year old to show her the good effects of an alkaline diet. She read it while her mum had treatment. I think it is especially good that you incorporate the political aspects of poor food choices, and branch into the deep stuff of the enteric nervous system as well. We all need this well rounded approach to our diet!" - Jenny Allison, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (Auckland, NZ) 


About the Author:

Dee Pignéguy came to New Zealand from Canada in 1963 and trained as a primary school teacher. Her interest in nutrition, healthy food and nature developed as she grew up on a remote coastal property in British Columbia.

Her mother, Joan Donley engaged all her children in their self-sufficient lifestyle, growing fruit and vegetables, raising pigs, chickens, duck and goats and gathering shellfish at low tide.

Dee believes in localised food production, organic growing, practical hands on food growing and people empowerment. She has written the following books:

Grow Me Well - Nutritional Know How for Every Body
Nature’s Techno Tricks: Biomimetics-Science mimicking nature 
Gardening For Planet Earth


Dee is passionate about Biomimetics the science helping find sustainable ways to meet our needs by mimicking natural systems. Because we are living on a planet in crisis, saving the environment is no longer about future generations, it is about saving ourselves.

Dee believes that biomimetics can teach us how nature creates conditions beneficial to life providing a road map to sustainability.

Grow me Well - Dee & Tamarin Pigneguy / Book

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