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 CK Junk Play - Loose Parts Fun 

Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds

Conscious Kids brings the Pop-up Adventure Playground made
entirely of rescued materials to your local park or private event!

What is an Adventure Pop-Up Playground?  
An Adventure Pop-Up Playground is an event where various loose parts or raw materials are brought to a location for YOU to use as you see fit based on your interests and motivations. A unique and creative play experience, great for children of all ages as the materials change. They are also great for adults. That's right! YOU need to make time in your busy schedule to play too.
You will construct your own play spaces, limited only by your imagination!


"Logic will get you from A to Z, imagination will take you everywhere!" - Albert Einstein

Conscious Kids offers Adventure Pop Up Playgrounds as:

Community Events




We Provide:

  • The materials

  • Set up/clean up

  • Trained staff

  • Marketing guiding


You Provide:

  • Location

  • Participants


Our prices vary depending on the event but contact us for more information when planning your next event.  

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