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Conscious Kids Holiday Programmes

JULY Holiday Programmes 2024

Week 1 / 8th - 12th & Week 2 / 15th - 19th

From 9 am - 3 pm / 5 to 12 years old

The Early Bird Sale starts on 3rd June, so don't miss out!

Early Bird Sale $75 child/day - General Tickets $80 child/day

Our stunnng locations:

Churchill Park / Western Springs

Conscious Kids Locations

Here in New Zealand, we are privileged to have a wealth of public green spaces right out our doorsteps, affording all Kiwis the ability to connect with our local natural heritage - even in our most urban areas. We are so fortunate to have local boards, councils, and Iwi focused on preserving and restoring these natural environments, and Conscious Kids seeks to empower the next generation of environmental stewards so they can continue to connect with the and take pride in the natural heritage of their local communities. 

Programme Information

Our programs are designed as an antidote to the fast-paced technology-filled world many children now inhabit. Our children’s lives are so filled with structure, that this program aims to give them a break from instruction and allow them to play as they like, for as long as they like, within a framework of respect for those around them and the environment.

The foundation of our programmes is free-play in a natural setting with as little assistance as possible from equipment and technology. Extension opportunities will be available but only if the children genuinely want to participate. We provide basic equipment suitable for exploring the outdoors: ropes, tarpaulins, bungees, compasses, magnifying glasses, knives (to be used with supervision), and some art equipment. Any personal devices (phones, iPods, etc) must be left at home.


Playing in the outdoors inevitably means getting dirty, and often getting a few scrapes and bruises too. If you or your child are not happy with this concept then this is not the programme for you.

The program will go ahead in all weather. Rain brings exciting opportunities for play and exploration and of course shelter building! Good quality wet weather gear is very important. We wholeheartedly believe the famous quote "there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing". Waterproof gear (jacket and pants) is compulsory for rainy days. We offer waterproof pants for sale in our online shopIn case of a severe weather warning, we always have an indoor venue booked and ready to move the group in.


Some benefits of regular free play in nature:


  • Increased physical activity, and less risk of childhood obesity

  • Children learn to interact with, and better understand the natural world

  • Helps improve children’s cognitive function, personality development, and attention in school

  • Improves childhood mental health and ability to handle stress

  • ‘Dangerous’ free play gives children a chance to develop the physical and emotional skills to deal with emergencies

  • Children learn to assess and manage risks

  • Learn to regulate emotion, and practice negotiation skills

  • Develop and practice motor skills

  • Supports creativity and problem solving

What you MUST pack: 

The children need to be well prepared to get the most enjoyment out of the day. Cold, wet, or hungry children can't play happily.


  • Minimum 3 full sets of warm clothing, including underwear and socks. Thermals are essential.

  • Sunblock

  • Warm Beanie / Sunhat 

  • Swimwear - Wet suit (Compulsory if swimming is available)

  • Water shoes are highly recommended to the Little Shoal Bay and Blockhouse Bay locations.

  • Towel

  • Plastic bags for wet clothes

  • LOTS of food. They will get far more hungry than they do sitting in a classroom all day.
    For Winter Season, please consider warm and healthy high-energy food. No disposable plastic, please!

  • Large Drink bottle

  • 1 x pair of shoes suitable for bushwalking.

  • 1 x pair of Gum Boots

    Waterproof pants are compulsory for wet days.

  • They need 2 bags, 1 for clothing and a backpack for lunch, drink, and trips.

Drop off @ 9 am - Pick up @ 3 pm

Ratio 1 adult: 8 children

* To ensure our children get the best of our free play spaces and enjoy the Conscious Kids way of play, we require at least 12 children to attend per day, so please invite your friends for the days of pure fun during the holidays!

  • Can we come for a visit to check it out?
    Yes! Please register your interest at here and we will be in touch to organise a visit for your child as spaces become available. You may choose to stay with your child or drop them off. Free visits are available from 9 am - 11 am. Full day visits cost $80, and this cost will be credited toward the term price should we agree to move forward with enrolment.
  • What will happen at the trial day?
    Our trial days are run similar to a regular session, but there will be more adults and children than usual. The day will consist of a morning meeting to set up expectations for the day, followed by opportunities for free play. You may choose to stay with your child or drop them off. Extra CK staff will be on hand to discuss the programme with parents, freeing up the educators to run the session.
  • What if my child has special needs?
    We have found that many children with special needs thrive at Conscious Kids, including children with ADHD/ADD and ASD. We are proud to work alongside schools and families to ensure the best outcomes for the child. If your child has any special needs, please get in touch at Together we can make a plan for visiting or enrollment that works for your child.
  • Can I reserve a spot for my child for next term?
    We cannot guarantee a spot as current enrollments and siblings have the first option to re-enroll. Most of our programmes are currently full. Register your interest at here to let us know which location you prefer and which term you are keen for your child to begin. As spaces open up, we will invite you and your child for a visit to see if it is a good fit.
  • How many children can you have there? Do you have maximum and minimum numbers?
    Maximum numbers are 24, the minimum is 14.
  • Is it run by registered NZ teachers?
    Some of our educators are registered NZ teachers, but not all of them. We have found that Early Childhood, Playcentre, and/or Primary school teacher training can all provide a good foundation for success on our team, but significant on the job training and support is still required for effective educating in the natural environment. Some practices promoted through teacher training and used in schools are not consistent with our philosophy of respect for children and the environment. Our highest priority for our staff is that they are passionate about our philosophy, respectful of themselves and others, have extensive experience supporting child-initiated learning, and are willing to fully engage with our comprehensive on the job training and support. We are proud of the excellent quality of our educators.
  • Can we book in for a day, bi-weekly, or only for the term?
    Bookings are taken by the term, as we have found that continuity in the group is very important for developing a sense of belonging and well-being.
  • Can we pay in instalments?
    Yes, payment can be made in instalments.
  • What are the ratios?
    1 adult per 8 children. There are always 2 adults and usually more.
  • How does this actually work with the school?  What do Principals think about this?
    Please see the PDF links: - Information for parents - Information for principals We have found that Principals are generally supportive. CK staff are available to meet with school staff if needed.
  • What are the safety policies?
    Please see Conscious Kids Policies PDF link at the bottom of the page.
  • How does this work legally?
    The NZ Education Act section 25B Release from school states: The principal of a state school may, if satisfied that a student will receive outside the school tuition acceptable to the principal, release the student from attendance at the school, for a period or periods agreed with a parent of that student, to receive the tuition.
  • Do homeschooled children attend this programme?
    Yes, we do have homeschooled children attending the programme.
  • Is this programme the same as your school holiday programme?
    The One Day Programme is based on the same core principals as the school holiday programme: free play in nature. However, because the One Day Programme is a smaller group, with consistent enrolment, the ability of the educators to assess, plan for, and extend on individual learning needs is greater. Project learning is another distinctive feature of the One Day Programme, as children follow threads of interests over the whole term, and throughout the changing seasons. Because the demands of the role are significant, One Day Programme educators and assistants require a high level of experience and training. Our staff are supported through specialised professional development, particularly in the areas of holistic assessment and planning, positive behaviour management, and supporting children with special needs.
  • Tell me about the parent help option.
    If you are able to attend the programme each week and play an active role in supporting the running of the session, you may qualify for our parent helper option. Parent helpers children receive a 50% discount. A limited number of spaces for parent helpers are available at each site. If you are interested in the parent helper option, please specify this in the visitor enrolment form. More information here.
  • Is there a discount for multiple children in the same family?
    Not at this time.
  • There is no CK programme near me, can we get one going?
    We are always looking to expand and offer this type of programme to more children who could benefit from it. Please get in touch if you are keen to get involved
  • What should I pack for the day?
    Minimum 3 full sets of clothing including underwear and socks. Thermals are highly recommended sun hat Sunblock Towel Plastic bags for wet clothes LOTS of food. They will get far more hungry than they do sitting in a classroom all day. Large Drink bottle Shoes suitable for bushwalking. Gum Boots GOOD QUALITY RAINCOAT AND WATERPROOF PANTSWaterproof pants are compulsory for wet days. We offer waterproof pants for sale in our online shop. They need 2 bags, 1 for clothing and a backpack one for lunch, drink and trips.
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Terms & Conditions
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