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One Day Programme is BACK!

Our in-term sessions @ Western Springs have officially kicked off for Term 2!

Another wonderful day spent outdoors playing, learning and just being kids 🌱

With the opportunity and space for open-ended, unstructured play, kids can be anything they want, whether it’s a chef at a restaurant, a builder, astronaut, princess, knight, or an animal. There’s no limit to what a child can dream up. They can pretend to save the world, be mythical creatures, or act out scenarios they observe in their everyday life. Whatever they choose to play and pretend, they’re learning and developing important lifelong skills.

But of course, you’ve gotta finish the day off with a cup of hot cocoa made over the campfire 🔥 🏕

Thank you to our passionate educators and supportive parents!

Expressions of Interest for Term 3 & 4 are now open!

Get in touch and register your interest:

Or find out more on our website:

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