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👉 Maria - As well as being one of our amazing co-founders, Maria is our Business Developer & Project Manager. Her knowledge and experience combined with her playful soul allow her to see the bigger picture of Conscious Kids and its future. Maria is the epitome of a free spirit and can-do attitude!

👉 Rita - Our other co-founder is the wonderful Rita, Nature Educator by day and Creative Director by night! Firstly, introduced to Nature Pedagogy after her move to New Zealand in 2011, she now lives and breathes it as Nature kindy Leader in Aussie bush lands between our holiday programmes. Double the play!

👉 Liss - Although Liss is our Operations Manager, she's also our jack of all trades and could handle pretty much anything thrown at her! Her passions and experience mean that caring for others is at the core of all she does, including work. Oh and did we mention she's also an Organisation Connoisseur!

👉 Gabi - And I'm Gabi! Our Social Media/Digital Marketing/And other things in between Manager. I've gone from Teen Volunteer to Assistant to Supervisor and now in the Conscious Kids team following my interests of Graphic Design and Marketing. I'm so lucky I get to do that through a company who taught me the values and philosophies I hold closest to my heart!

Thats's us! We can't wait to see you these holidays 🤗

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