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We are excited to share with you the newest Conscious Kids entrepreneurial invention...

CONSCIOUS KAI – Our One Day Programme Dinning Experience! 🌱✨

What a day we all had! Last Friday, our tamariki were given time, space and freedom to engage in a creative play of their interest. A cooking team, menu elaboration, seating arrangements, decorating tables and so much more was involved in this inclusive and evolving play. The pictures say it all, enjoy!

Self-directed open-ended play helps school-aged children think creatively and lets them explore their own ideas. When children develop their imagination and creative skills through play, they can: • express feelings, thoughts, and ideas in verbal and non-verbal ways • think about problems with more than one solution • think about issues from many perspectives

Even though school-age children might be doing more structured activities and games, open-ended play should be prioritised at this age. This type of play boosts your child’s creative development and teaches her how to experiment, think, learn and solve problems.


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