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The Best Book Yet on Parenting Screen-Addicted Kids

Great article about the Diana Graber's book Raising Humans in a Digital World

" According to a 2016 Common Sense Media study, adults spend as much time (or more) with screens as their kids do. And yet 78 percent of those parents believe they are good media and technology role models for their children.

Adults are culpable on other levels, too. Parents whine about how much time their children spend on social media, but many of these parents introduced their children to social media when they posted the first pictures of them online, moments after they were born. Before a child turns five, parents will have posted an average of 1,500 images of them on social media without their permission. It makes sense that our kids will obsess over their digital personas when we’ve been crafting those personas for them from day one..." Lot of things to think about, full article here.

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